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Here are popular programs in the USA for international students with an interest in universities in the USA!

Many students find it difficult to decide on the right course of study when planning to study in the United States of America. The universities in the USA have varieties of study programs available for international students. It is therefore imperative for international students to make the right program choice that will yield a lucrative job after school. 

This article enlightens international students looking to study in the USA on the top five popular programs in the US. These programs are not only good for international students but are fast yielding to the highest paying jobs in the USA.  Over the years, the USA has proudly produced a good number of professionals in these top five popular programs who are doing excellently well in their different fields. These top five fields of study are Business management, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Social Sciences, and Physical & Life Science.


1. Business Management Programs 

Business management programs teach the principles associated with managing any business. It is a program that covers some concepts like accounting, marketing, and skills for managing a successful business. The Universities in the USA through inventive business courses, high-quality structures, and real-world experiences teach their students the needed skills to become successful in their chosen career paths in business management programs. In the ranking made by Financial Times (FT) and The Economist, USA universities have five universities that are listed among the top 10 business schools for MBA. Find below the top five USA universities for MBA in the USA according to the ranking by QS Quacquarelli Symonds rankings 2022.

Top Five Universities for Business in the USA and their graduates’ base salary:

1 Stanford Graduate School of Business $161,831

2 Penn Wharton $165,000

3 MIT Sloan $150,000

4 Harvard Business School $150,500

5 Columbia Business School $150,000

It is both personally and professionally rewarding for an international student to study Business management programs in the USA. There is a variety of opportunities, promotions or increased salary, and the ability to achieve more in this career line.

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2. Engineering Programs in the USA

Engineering is one of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs available to international students in the USA. Many international students have the desire to study in the USA’s top universities. This is because they offer quality education, diversity, a uniquely flexible curriculum, and rewarding opportunities. The US News says 62% of international graduates are enrolled in Engineering. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is said to be the most sought engineering school in the USA. Research shows that many international students studying Mechanical, and Civil Engineering courses have the highest paying jobs in the USA.

Top Five Universities for Engineering in the USA and their graduates’ base salary:

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology $113,000

2 Stanford University $ 98,000

3 The University of California, Berkeley (UCB) $121,000

4 Harvard University $109,000

5 Georgia Institute of Technology $107,000

The USA Engineering students are equipped with skills in Problem solving, project management, teamwork, innovations, and Communication skills. You might want to explore various opportunities in the US to make the right choice.


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3. Mathematics and Computer Science Programs 

International students in the USA widely study mathematics and Computer Science aside from MBA and STEM programs. The USA universities are well known for their wide scope that enhances research opportunities. Research has shown that 30 % of the international students who study in the USA are studying one of the STEM courses. 

Top Five Universities in the USA for Computer science and their graduates’ base salary:

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology $118,000

2 Stanford University $ 90,000

3 Carnegie Mellon University $ 84,000

4 University of California Berkeley (UCB) $114,000

5 Harvard University $ 90,000

Mathematics students in the USA undergo rigorous studying of Applied mathematics and research conducted in the laboratories. One beautiful thing about mathematics major graduates is their flexibility to work in different fields. They use their knowledge of theoretical and applied mathematics to solve various problems in various fields. I.e. engineering, marketing or sales, banking and finance, and many others. Here are the top five Mathematics Universities in the USA;

Top Five Universities in the USA for mathematics and their graduates’ base salary:

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology $120,300

2 Stanford University $112,000

3 Harvard University $80,500

4 John Hopkins University $78,000

5 Princeton University $76,000


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4. Social Science and Humanities Programs in the USA            

Social Sciences are other popular programs that international Students opt for aside from MBA and STEM programs. They include; Economics, Anthropology, Journalism, and International relations, to mention but a few. Kent D Thomas, Assistant Vice President, International Programs, Missouri State University says that “students opt for social sciences because the scope for research in this area is huge in the USA and job opportunities are easily available “. Unlike some other countries, the US pays social science and humanities graduates well. Economics is one of the best courses to study in the US as it offers a highly paid job in the USA.

Top Five Universities for Social Sciences in the USA and their graduates’ base salary:

1 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor $55,900

2 Vanderbilt University $61,000

3 Harvard University $91,300

4 Boston College $64,900

5 Colgate University $54,300


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5. Physical And Life Sciences

Biology and medicine are popular courses under the Physical and Life Science programs that most international students go to study in the US. International students who choose to study Physical and Life Science in the US have career paths in Healthcare, Education, and Research Biologist. A degree in biology creates opportunities for any international student that is ready to be dedicated and work skillfully.

Top five Universities for Physical and Life Sciences in the USA, and their graduates’ base salary:

1 Harvey Mudd College $92,100

2 Yale University $81,400

3 Harvard University $79,300

4 Princeton College $76,300

5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology $78,800


You now have full knowledge of some popular programs in the US. There is no doubt that making the right choice of course and university to go to study is easier for you. You can also read about the popular schools for international students in the USA Forbes.

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