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The saying “education is the best legacy” highlights how important learning is in shaping a person’s life. It suggests that, out of all the possible things one could inherit or receive as a gift, education is the most valuable and long-lasting. It is the belief that even if a child doesn’t have material wealth, educating them is the most important investment for their future success and well-being.

On the other hand, education is like a map guiding us through life’s unfamiliar terrain. It helps us avoid mistakes and reach goals for growth and success by providing the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to navigate challenges in an ever-changing world.

However, this perspective underscores how education can transform lives, acting as a guiding force toward a fulfilling and prosperous future.

This article discusses why the International Day of Education is significant and how we celebrate it. We’ll explore its history and various ways people can participate in observing the International Day of Education in 2024.

History of International Day of Education

On December 3, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly decided that January 24 was the International Day of Education. Nigeria, with 58 other member states, played a role in creating this resolution. It shows political support for efforts to improve education quality and accessibility worldwide. Therefore, Nigeria, known for its vibrant cultural heritage and strong commitment to educational advancement, actively joins the worldwide celebration. The theme for this year, “Learning for Lasting Peace,” strongly aligns with Nigeria’s dedication to using education as a catalyst to bring positive change.

The day aims to recognize education’s crucial role in promoting sustainable development and Global peace and addressing societal challenges. However, education is a fundamental human right and a key driver for achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Since its inception on January 24, 2019, each year, government NGOs and stakeholders have organized events to raise awareness about education. The day provides an opportunity to reflect on global education progress and discuss ways to tackle remaining challenges.

Overall, the day underscores education’s significance as a fundamental human right and a force for positive change.

Significance of International Day of Education

Firstly, the day stresses how education is crucial for everyone and brings shared benefits. It’s about recognizing that education is something we all benefit from together.

Most importantly, education is a means to navigate technological advancements. However, it shows how it helps us adjust to new and advancing technologies.

Also, It points out the importance of helping teachers and recognizes that they play a big part in creating our learning experiences.

Furthermore, education is seen as a means to promote environmental consciousness, emphasizing its role in safeguarding the planet.

Moreover, the day emphasizes how education empowers individuals to discover their abilities and contribute to shared responsibilities.

Education is crucial for employment as it provides individuals with opportunities to secure a decent living.

In short, the United Nations prioritizes poverty eradication with education for generating opportunities and minimizing its effects.

What is the Theme of the International Day of Education 2024?

The theme for the 6th International Day of Education in 2024 is “Learning for Lasting Peace. “This is particularly significant for Nigeria.” Nigeria is a diverse country with many different ethnicities and cultures. They understand that education brings people together, promoting understanding, tolerance, and, most importantly, lasting peace. The focus on using learning as a tool for peace perfectly fits Nigeria’s vision for a united and prosperous future.

Celebrating the International Day of Education is more than a symbol. Focusing on “Learning for Lasting Peace” means education isn’t just about knowing things; it’s a strong force that shapes people and communities. So, The celebration aims to inspire positive change by highlighting the long-term benefits of education in problem-solving and cooperation.

As we celebrate accomplishments, it is crucial to recognize the issues in Nigeria’s education system. This day offers a chance to talk about problems like not enough school buildings, not enough teachers, and unequal access. Working together, speaking up for better policies, and finding new solutions are crucial to keeping our commitment to overcoming these challenges.

As we mark the International Day of Education, there’s a shared commitment to learn from past successes and tackle upcoming challenges. Therefore, we plan to invest more in education, work together, and create strategies to ensure learning leads to lasting peace.

How To Advance Peace Through Education

One of the core ways to advance peace through education is to incorporate peace, human rights, global citizenship, and sustainable development into different subjects and make sure students grasp the connections between these themes and their academic studies. Read Further

Another way to advance peace through education is through Global citizenship education (GCED). GCED prepares learners with skills and attitudes to promote tolerance, respect, and a shared sense of belonging. To learn more about GCED by clicking here.

Social media drives global hate speech. UNESCO intervenes through education to address root causes, create effective responses, and push for transparency from internet companies. Read more on global hate speech.

Education is a tool to strengthen learners against extremism, promoting non-violence and peace by addressing harmful narratives. This crucial work starts in schools as early as possible.

Education is essential for understanding and addressing violent events from the past. It also helps develop the knowledge and values necessary to prevent future atrocities. Explore information on Holocaust and genocide education.


International Education Day is an excellent opportunity to stress the importance of education. However, If you want your society and nation to do well, it’s crucial to promote the positive impact of education. We have discussed the importance of International Education Day 2024, its history, and ways to celebrate it.

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