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WHY THOUGH? You may ask…

Getting a Canadian study visa can be more complex than you think. According to IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada), 30% of all study permit applications get refused. This is mainly due to misinformation and negligence by applicants or agents. Many international students processing their study visas start the process without knowing the pitfalls to avoid. Here are key points to note when applying for a Canadian study visa:


IRCC wants to be sure that you would leave the country after your study year is done. Canada does not take in people that will become liabilities in the country, therefore, the need for students to express their intent while applying for a study visa. Study permits are temporary and have durations attached to them. Visa officers like to be convinced that you will not stay back in the country when you are out of status which is completely illegal.

Writing a convincing personal statement would include addressing the things that visa officers look out for. Convincing narrations on your reason for choosing to study in Canada and stating reasons why you will be returning home once you are done with your studies. These are the trickiest parts of your study visa application. Those with work experience can also mention that they have a job to go back to, evidence of this must follow your application.

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There has to be a logical reason for your choice of study. Prior educational background or work experience must have a connection with your proposed course of study. A person with a bachelor’s in engineering choosing to study marketing in Canada will raise a red flag for his/her study visa application.

In applying for a Canadian study visa, your chosen program must align with your educational background or employment. But in a situation where it does not align, applicants must clearly explain why they want to study that particular program in their personal statement. This is so that the visa officers understand the reason for your choice.


Proof of financial support is integral to the success of a Canadian study visa application. IRCC wants to be sure that you have the money to pay your tuition fees, cover your living expense, and pay for your trip to Canada. If you are traveling with family members or dependents, you must show that you can cater to their needs.

A six-month bank statement showing your financial status is usually required. If the Canadian government is not convinced that you can support yourself, a refusal is impending. Showing the money does not mean that you will have to spend it. You only need to show the Canadian government that the funds are available to you, should you need them.

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To get a Canadian study visa, applicants must show a complete record of their travel history and identity documents. Applying with unclear history and documents will automatically lead to a study permit refusal. IRCC uses this to identify those who are criminally and medically inadmissible to Canada. Your records must be clean, easy to read, and as transparent as possible. 


You need to have an acceptance letter from a registered Canadian educational institution before you can apply for a study permit. Before applying for a Canadian study visa, you must ensure that the school you were accepted to is on the list of designated learning institutions. Some fake schools are issuing falsified acceptance letters to students. Many of which collect application and tuition fees from students. 

Students are advised to check the DLI list to be sure that they are registered schools. One’s letter of acceptance will be refused once the visa officer realizes that it is not genuine. Always go the extra mile to ensure that the acceptance letter given to you is genuine and from a registered school. Proofread all school-related documents and ensure that they are straightforward and easy to read. Also, provide enough supporting or additional documents as you can.

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