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Which schools award tuition discounts in the UK?

There are multiple universities in the UK giving out tuition discounts to students, and international students are not left out. As much as scholarships are good fits for proper study funding, tuition discount is also a good funding option. On one hand, it is no news that many schools do not give out tuition discounts to students. But here are some of the UK’s top schools with tuition discounts for international students.

Universities in the Uk

University of Bradford 

The University of Bradford awards £3,500 tuition discount to international students from countries outside of the EU. These tuition discounts are automatically processed and awarded with the University application. Tuition discounts are stated in the offer letter of every qualifying student.

Altogether, no particular application is required to access these discounts. International students on discounted partnership programs do not qualify for this. Therefore, students in this category cannot apply for this. These discounts are awarded based on nationality eligibility and entry qualifications.

The University of Bradford is focused on creating conditions for social, cultural, and economic impact. UB is all about social inclusion and enabling students to reach their potential.

international students

Swansea University 

Known for its cutting edge in research and innovation, SU is an embodiment of societal impact. Its influence cuts across business and industry, health, wealth, culture, and society. Above all, the university offers a balance of excellent teaching and research.

Swansea University awards tuition discounts from £3,000 – £5,000 to international students from outside of the EU. Accordingly, applicants at the undergraduate or master’s level must have applied to and gotten an admission offer at Swansea University.


University of Plymouth 

The University of Plymouth is a broad-based, research-intensive university, open to all who can benefit from their education. Plymouth takes pride in delivering excellent interdisciplinary research, experiential education, and civic engagement.

The University’s tuition discounts are automatically awarded to eligible students. Therefore, students who fall below the eligibility requirement will not qualify for this. International students with specific postgraduate offer in psychology programs are awarded a tuition discount of £4,000. The conditions of their offer must have also been met before getting this discount.


De Montfort University 

DMU has an International Scholarship Award Programme that rewards a total of £1,500 to eligible prospective international students. This is usually awarded to international students joining a full-time or part-time postgraduate taught degree at De Montfort University.

The university awards a scholarship of £1,500 in form of tuition discounts. This award is given for the first year of study at the university only. On account of a tuition deposit of £4000, International students get access to this. All things considered, students need an admission offer for a part-time or full-time postgraduate study to qualify for this.

Tuition discounts in the UK

University of Roehampton

The University of Roehampton awards International Excellence Scholarships to international students. This scholarship can be combined with other scholarships, but not the Alumni Referral Discount or Alumni Discount. As a result, students with Alumni referral discount or Alumni discount cannot qualify for this.

This scholarship is awarded in form of tuition discounts. High achieving international students coming in for a master’s program get discounts worth up to £2,500. Albeit these discounts are available for courses with January or September entry. 


For many of these Universities, awarding tuition discounts is determined by the strength of your personal statement and the quality of your application. Therefore, students must be sure to submit a strong application with a convincing personal statement. Several other schools and countries award scholarships to international students. For scholarships in Canada see scholarships in Canada.

To check your eligibility for these tuition discounts, speak with a study advisor today. Send a mail to to get started on your study application to any of these schools.